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God grants us the ability to obtain both spiritual and financial strength which helps Money Muscle: EXERCISES TO BUILD SPIRITUAL AND FINANCIAL.
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Free Book Chew 4 by John Layman. Free Book Chew 5 by John Layman. The bigger the wealth divide the more we pull apart society.

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Poverty equals crime. It creates a class war.

You are given , dollars to share between them, who would you give it to? Equality would have us split the amount evenly, but could we perhaps recognise that that amount of money means far more to the poor person? It means more in that it allows him the means to support himself to a decent standard. Food for him and his children, security of knowing his family will have somewhere to sleep or that he might put his children through college.

You make it sound like if you just work more you will suddenly get wealthy. I was working three jobs, leaving the house at 7 a. I know people who have families who work that hard, but that really strains the relationships. When my son was born, my work ethic changed. I spent less time at work, but tried to be more efficient. I also worked from home more frequently to offset the time I miss due to child rearing duties my wife also works FT. A CEO is the only job where gross incompetence can be rewarded. This article is disingenuous.

Median income is a much better indication of how people are faring. I agree that everyone can earn the sum of money he needs or wants.

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Even more than 40 hours … as noted. So we must try to answer that question and improve our daily life in all areas, including finance by following the Pareto Principle. Because I always prefer simplicity and productivity. How Is that possible? Step one — give up your American citizenship and take up citizenship in countries where there is no capital gain tax.

There are really nice places to live where capital gain tax is zero. Then set up a limited liability company to expense away all your taxable income. Engage in as many businesses or professions that generate wealth thru capital gain as you can. There are many different options to suit a wide variety of interests.

You just need to do some homework. When I was getting through college I always considered a six figure salary as true wealth. The pinnacle of success. Once you start to grind through your career you begin to realize how many income opportunities there are.

It just takes determination and diligence to realize your earning potential. Assuming that I can afford anything more than my already month-to-month livelihood is moronic! This is coming from a graduate of a masters program at one of your private institutions you speak of. How does that work? I donate to my local SF library and volunteer for local community events. How much do you pay in taxes and what do you do?

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I just spent 6 months putting together The Best of Financial Samurai eBook to help empower people to lead better financial lives. If you buy it, all proceeds after expenses gets donated to a charity that help keep Oakland youths off the streets and in the classroom. You may or may not have thought about the difficulty in doing such a thing even though it is good advice if someone can afford it. This limits peoples possibilities to getting a second job which since most companies prevent you from working a second job in the same field can make things difficult.

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Combine that with the fact that most of these types of people are living paycheck to paycheck and unable to save up the money necessary for a move to a higher income area and working those area may actually cost them more in transportation expenses then what they are earning extra. This is part of the backlash that so many people with money receive because of comments that would be sound advice for someone not struggling just to get by. The worst part is that if you compare payment between jobs a couple decades ago to jobs now the low income jobs, adjusted for inflation, pay roughly the same to within a dime or two while as you advance up the pay increases between the times steadily increase.

I hear you. There is no easy solution, and everybody has a different set of circumstances to deal with. The one thing we can control is our effort. Never fail due to a lack of effort. Fail due to bad luck or circumstance, but go down fighting until the very end. Work on a side hustle, an X Factor from 4am-7am before work, and then from 8pm — midnight after work. I could not agree with you more. If you want it bad enough make a plan.

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The only limitations we have is in our mind. How can people be so blind. US consists of 2 category of retirees. Ones protected by pension, and ones who are not. The web is full of articles on how K is same as pension, when it is NOT. It is high time individuals are given more choices to save, with no pension to rely on, in most of corporate world.

This article is somehow misleading. This article does not show the definition of this terminology and relates it to the average income of each layer. My understanding is that it is the bottom line of each layer, from which the next layer begins. They are compensated with stock options and other bonuses as well. Check this article in Forbes. Tax burden share can have implications, but it is also misleading.

By the very definition of poverty line, it means the subsistence income that enables poor people merely keep their subsistence.

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Should such people pay income tax as well? They may not pay income tax, but they pay the same indirect tax when they buy a Big Mac. I correct the mistake in my previous comment. That is AGI. The wealthy have many tools to work the A part so the I part looks lower than it is. Who can afford to pay more in taxes from this calculation?

Can the poor folks struggling to get by on k a year, get by on say k a year? Another perspective, it will take the 15k folks over 61 years to make the amount the k folks make in one year.