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2 Thessalonians 1 – The Godly Character of a Persecuted Church. Paul, Silvanus, and Timothy, To the church of the Thessalonians in God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ: Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. When Paul first came to Thessalonica.
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This construction would assert their equality and thereby Jesus' deity. Paul's favorite way of designating believers is "in Christ," but here he asserts that believers are also in the Father. The repeated phrase "from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ" links the Father and Son by the conjunction "and" and the Single preposition , showing Paul's theology of Jesus' deity just like v. Theologically grace always precedes peace. Paul felt an oughtness to always pray with thanksgiving cf.

2 Thessalonians 1 Bible Commentary - Matthew Henry (concise)

This metaphor from agriculture expresses vigorous plant growth cf. Paul applauded the development of their faith and love. This is similar to 1 Thess. But notice "hope" is missing. There was still much confusion in this area i. Paul saw and articulated their strengths. Their Christlikeness under persecution was evidence of Paul's effective ministry and thereby his apostleship cf. This is literally "voluntary, active, steadfast endurance" cf.

It relates both to people and to circumstances. It was another evidence of the Spirit's work in their lives. Here it is used of their faithfulness in the midst of persecution.

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Paul prayed for their faith in 1 Thess. Through faith God's faithfulness becomes the believer's faithfulness. It often is the very means of our spiritual growth cf. See Special Topics: Tribulation at 1 Thess. This is an aorist passive infinitive , "to be declared worthy. This is one purpose of suffering. It builds character cf. This is a good example of the theological distinction between a positional righteousness in Christ yet also the need for a developing righteousness in the believer.

Our standing before God is a gift indicative , but also a mandate imperative. One way to express this truth may be with an athletic metaphor.

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Believers have won the race by their faith relationship with Christ. Now they must run the race for Him in faithfulness. Gratitude, not required performance, drives the Christian to godliness cf. Jesus' first and last sermons, and most of His parables, dealt with this topic. It refers to the reign of God in human hearts now! It is surprising that the Gospel of John has this phrase only twice and never in Jesus' parables.

In John's gospel "eternal life" is a key term and metaphor. The phrase relates to the eschatological end-time thrust of Jesus' teachings. This "already, but not yet" theological paradox relates to the Jewish concept of two ages, the current evil age and the righteous age to come, which will be inaugurated by the Messiah. The Kingdom of God has broken into human history with the incarnation at Bethlehem.

However, Jesus came not as the military conqueror of Rev.

Isaiah 53 and humble leader cf. The Kingdom, therefore, is inaugurated cf. This is an implied first class conditional sentence , assumed true from the author's perspective or for his literary purposes. God's judgment is just.

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God will set things right see full note at Gal. Apocalypsis means "to clearly reveal" cf. This refers to the Second Coming of Jesus. The time of God's righteous judgment cf. See Special Topic at 1 Thess.


He will also come with His saints cf. Confusion exists whether this phrase goes with vv. If it goes with v. This is a present active participle. This is not an emotional, vindictive reaction but "full justice for all. This phrase does not only refer to cognitive truth about God Greek concept of "know" , but also intimate fellowship with God Hebrew concept of "know". The term "know" has the Hebrew connotation of intimate fellowship cf.

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  7. Gen ; Jer. In Matt. The term "destruction" olethros is also found in I Cor. It means "the loss of all that gives worth to existence" Moulton, Milligan , p. In the KJV of Ps. Fallen mankind will flee the glorious presence of the Holy One of Israel. The tragedy of creation is that mankind's greatest need is fellowship with God, but because of sin and rebellion, we fear Him and flee from Him who created us like Himself for glorious fellowship.

    In the OT the most common Hebrew word for "glory" kbd , BDB was originally a commercial term which referred to a pair of scales which meant "to be heavy. Often the concept of brightness was added to the word to express God's majesty cf. He alone is worthy and honorable. He is too brilliant for fallen mankind to behold cf. God can only be truly known through Christ cf. The term "glory" is somewhat ambiguous: 1 it may be parallel to "the righteousness of God"; 2 it may refer to the "holiness" or "perfection" of God; or 3 it could refer to the image of God in which mankind was created cf.

    To be saved puts us in Christ's body and in His family. This is not so much an experience as a position.

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    Hopefully our position is becoming more actualized in our daily lives. When He returns our glorification will be instantaneous and complete cf. I John ; Romans Jesus is glorified in the godly lives of His godly ones cf.